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Customer Experience Automation

The client faces a business problem where they are unable to analyze, define and react to – customer interactions with their brand – in a timely manner.
Thereby compromising on highly valued customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
The client required an automated application that is capable of contributing to increases in customer retention and ARPU, improving service quality at all touch points.

Further, the application is expected to define a company-wide adaptive customer experience policy with KPIs, and help the brand achieve a strong competitive advantage with Customer Experience as a differentiating factor in the competitor landscape.

Axiata Digital Labs embarked on the solution development with a methodical approach in mind. The first phase was to successfully develop an automated function that captures and distributes what customers think or feel about the brand following an interaction. Every customer experience is translated into a digital interaction to capture precise data points and fed through gap analysis survey to determine customer experience scores. Targeted studies, observational studies and Voice of Customer Research was put into practice and functional leaders were empowered with information to create better brand, product and service experiences.

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