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ADL-DTE is a comprehensive ecosystem that is used to develop software products and services in collaboration with Huawei CBS/OCS.
The requirement is to combine the strengths of the two products to develop a strong billing and digital enablement application.
Overall, the solution is expected to help discover, build and deploy solutions at speed.


The expectations of the collaboration between ADL-DTE and Huawei CBS/OCS is the creation of a ‘Next Generation Digital BSS’ to enable innovative customer management, service enablement and monetization capabilities which will accelerate digital service transformation of Axiata Group and global CSPs.
A joint collaborative research and development program was conducted relating to API standardization (TMF Open APIs), cutting-edge micro-services environment development, and the establishing of industry best practices and exploration of a massive digital ecosystem – which includes Digital CRM, Mobile applications to customers and business partners, digital systems and solutions.

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